The HP-71 LEXicon

Compiled by Joseph K. Horn
Last updated 12 April 1989

The LEXicon is sorted three ways, to make searching easier.
Other than order, these three lists are identical in content.

Id / Tokens Sorted numerically in library ID / keyword token order.
"What lexfile does XFN240003 refer to?"
LEX filenames Sorted alphabetically by name of lexfile.
"What else does this lexfile do?"
Keywords Sorted alphabetically by keyword.
"What other libraries contain this same keyword?"


71       HP-71 built-in keywords (Lex 00 or 01)
--       Unknown (at present) or not applicable
#        Number (literal, variable, or expression)
()       Array
$        String (quoted, variable, or expression)
/        Either/or; e.g. #/$ means either number or string
?        Optional; e.g. ?$ means optional string
{ }      Used for grouping; e.g. ?{ON/OFF}="optionally ON or OFF"
file     Filename (quoted, unquoted, variable, or expression)
#channel Channel number ("#" followed by a number, e.g. #1)
*        Asterisk (as in DEBUG * or ASSIGN #1 to *)
*P       Not Programmable (only legal from Keyboard BASIC)
*K       Not legal from Keyboard (only legal in BASIC programs)
*I       Not legal after IF
fn       Function (with no arguments)
postfix  Neither a function nor a statement
port     :PORT(#) where # is a valid port number
device   device spec (quoted, unquoted, variable, or expression)
var      Numeric or string variable
#var     Numeric variable
$var     String variable
keyword  Unquoted string
label    Quoted or unquoted line label, or line number
image    Image string, or line number
<n>      Number of arguments
-eol-    Mandatory end of line (nothing may follow)

case              See ADVPRLEX documentation
matrix command    See MATH ROM documentation
hp-il message(s)  See HPIL ROM documentation
romcopy options   See ROMCOPY documentation
Poll handlers are marked as "--/pp" where pp is the poll number. This
is followed by HP's name for the poll. In the case of the VER$ poll,
the VER$ is indicated.

Words typed in UPPERCASE are to be used literally as shown.