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A 3-Minute Palm Sunday Homily

Fr. Joseph K. Horn
Palm Sunday (25 March 2018)
10:00am Mass & 12:00pm Mass
St Thomas More Parish
Irvine, California

Three important questions today: WHAT, WHY, and HOW. WHAT cross is carried, WHY is that cross carried, and HOW is that cross carried.

First we ask WHAT, WHY and HOW about Jesus. WHAT cross did Jesus carry? He carried two crosses, of course: the heavy cross of wood, which weighed heavily upon his shoulder, and the even heavier cross of our sins, which weighed upon his heart.

WHY did Jesus carry his cross? Because he knew its purpose, its value, its meaning; because he knew that his cross would win eternal salvation for us.

And HOW did Jesus carry his cross? With silent dignity, nobility, majesty, and absolute divinity.

Then we ask those three questions, WHAT, WHY, and HOW, about ourselves. WHAT cross do you bear? Jesus said, if you want to be my follower, take up your cross. And you certainly do. Lord knows your life isnít a cake walk. You carry a cross. Some of you carry a cross that nobody knows about but you. WHAT cross do you bear? [pause]

Secondly, WHY? WHY do you carry your cross? Your cross, like Jesusí cross, has a purpose, and has value, and has meaning. Do you thank God for your crossí purpose, value, and meaning? WHY do you carry your cross? [pause]

Thirdly, HOW? HOW do you carry your cross? Do you bellyache about it? Or do you unite your suffering with Jesusí suffering, and offer it up for the remission of sins and the salvation of souls? Do you carry your cross with the dignity and nobility of a real prince or princess, since you are a son or daughter of the King of Kings? [pause]

WHAT, WHY, and HOW? WHAT cross do you carry, WHY do you carry it, and HOW do you carry it? Think deeply about these three questions.

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