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Replace your HP 49G
with an S&E 600-ST!

by Joe Horn

Here’s an awesome scientific handheld calculator that can replace your HP49G!

All this for only ... well, it’s not available any more. What a shame. You’ll find ’em on eBay once in a while, however. In any case, it’s pretty good for something made in 1968, eh?

(click for HUGE version,
suitable for printing)


Insert Card, Side 1

Insert Card, Side 2

Insert Card for MM model, Side 1

Insert Card for MM model, Side 2

Sincere and eternal gratitude to Larry Gill for the 2002 Christmas gift of the above 600-ST which is identical to the one given me by my brother Jim in the early 1970’s and which I stupidly gave away a few years later. Thanks a centillion, Larry!

Thanks to Bob Prosperi for sending me the above images of the insert card for the MM model.

Disclaimer: I do not work for HP or anybody else.
“Truth is just truth; you can’t have opinions about truth.” -- Peter Schikele

Home > Hobbies > HP49 > Thinner Model!